13 Hideous And Hilarious Hillary Halloween Costumes


It is the season for tricks and treats, pumpkins, colorful leaves and delicious candy. And spooky ghosts and monsters.

Oh, and witches, of course. Which brings us to our subject, Hillary Clinton.

Check out these 13 Hillary Clinton masks and costumes. Some are horrific and terrifying. Others are hilarious. Still others are just… well, see for yourself.

  1. The Ali Express Hillary Mask


We found this doozy on the Ali Express on-line shopping site. The sellers said nothing about how horrible the mask looked. Rather, it just describes the mask as a “Hillary Face Mask”, and it is 100% latex. Kiddies, be sure to wear this mask when you visit those homes with the big “I’m With Her” signs out front. And when they ask you who you’re supposed to be, tell them the Devil!


2. The Republican National Convention Hillary


Some of you may remember this hilarious Hillary during the 2016 Republican National Convention. The best part about this costume was the reaction from the mainstream media, who called it “hateful” and “crossing way over the line”. Watching the liberal press get apoplectic over their beloved crook only adds to the fun!


3. The Walmart Hillary Mask


You can pick up this lovely likeness of Hillary at Walmart for only $12.99. What a deal. And so lifelike! It even has her “laugh lines” and her beautiful smile plastered onto the head. Just… wow. God Bless Walmart.


4. The Reddit.com “Scariest Halloween Mask Contest” Winner


What makes this mask so hilarious is that it won a “Scariest Mask Contest” on Reddit.com. And yes, there were monsters, zombies, aliens, and devil masks included in the contest. In fairness, it really is terrifying. The mask captured the former Secretary of State’s eyes quite accurately, don’t you think?


5. Hillary For Prison Costume


The “Hillary For Prison” costume is clever and fun. And apparently, they are very popular this year, because Amazon.com completely sold out of them last week. That’s what happens when you procrastinate, Children. But don’t worry, this next one is still available…


6. The Ebay Hillary Mask With Mysterious Goo On It


I have no idea what to say about this. Except that someone is calling it a Hillary Clinton mask and is selling it on Ebay for $19. I assume the blue “mystery goo” on the front is included at no additional charge. It looks as though someone cut out the two eye holes with a dull knife, which makes the whole thing creepier. The only thing scarier than the mask is the psychopath listing it for sale from his mother’s basement. So wrong.


7. Rich Lady Hillary


This woman is just darling. I suspect that she was just minding her own business, sipping lattes on the deck of her mansion overlooking the mountains, when her rebel grandson came in and told her to put on the mask. “And here, Grandmamma, hold this sign, too!” What a sweet lady; anything to make the grandchildren smile!


8. The Forbes.com Do-It-Yourself Hillary Mask


The good people at Forbes.com put together this do-it-yourself mask. All you need is a color printer and a pair of scissors. Be sure to print a few of them out before leaving the house. That way you can pass them out to those obnoxious teenagers that go around collecting candy without any costume. Bravo, Forbes!


9. The Zombie Hillary Mask


What’s more fun than politics, 8 days before the election? Pretty much just zombies. So why not combine the two with the realistic Zombie Hillary Mask? This gem is available all over the internet. It’s got green hair, dead white pale color skin, scary sore bug eyes and a bad teeth! And the likeness is incredible, of course.



10. Clinton Prisoner / Trump Warden Duo


We’re not exactly sure who these geniuses are, but we salute them. For you couples out there looking for a “his/her costume”, we suggest replicating the theme above. You will be loved by 45% of the party-goers, and despised by the other 45% (the other 10% will apparently be too ignorant to decide if they like you or not).


11. The Lazy-Kid’s Hillary Costume


Ok, this one is lame. But we appreciate the fact that even lazy Halloween party-goers hate Hillary Clinton. Go ahead, wear this T-shirt to a Starbucks today, and listen to the baristas lecture you about hate speech. And for the love of God, don’t tip them (you know, because you’re so damn deplorable).


12. Incredibly Real, Incredibly Expensive Latex Masks from Hyperflesh


We had to include these incredible masks of Bernie, Donald, and Hillary, just because they are so realistic that they are terrifying. They were created by Landon Meier, a Denver-based artist who makes masks for his company, Hyperflesh. Each one of these masks will set you back $4500. Seeing an extraordinary realistic Bernie Sander’s head on a bikini-clad babe will surely give you nightmares well past Thanksgiving.


13. The Horror-Show.com Hillary Zombie Mask


The folks at Horror-Show.com created this creepy thing, and they swear it’s supposed to be Hillary Clinton (zombified). It may not look too much like Hillary yet, but there are 8 more days until the election, and the last few days have been very hard on the former First Lady. Horror-Show.com is a British-based company. It’s nice to see that our friends across the pond see Hillary the same way we patriots do.

Please share these “Halloween Hillary’s” on your wall, and share your thoughts in the comments section. If you’ve got a picture of a good Hillary costume that we’ve left out, we would love you to share that as well!