Pelosi Baffled When Asked Who The Democratic Leader Was


2016 was not a banner year for the Democrats. Donald Trump triumphed in the election against Hillary Clinton, and both the House and Senate remained under Republican majority rule.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Nancy Pelosi, House Minority leader, dodged a question regarding the leader of the Democratic Party. She, along with 40 percent of the people polled by Harvard-Harris, doesn’t seem to know the answer.

“Who is the leader of the Democratic Party right now?” Cooper asked Pelosi.

“Well, Barack Obama was the president of the United States until just a matter of weeks ago,” Pelosi said. Which might hold some weight but for the fact he’s been on vacation since leaving office.

Pelosi then stated, “Hillary Clinton did not win the election, but a respected leader.” Clinton has been completely avoiding the public spotlight since the election. That certainly isn’t a leadership trait.

When Cooper reiterated his question on whether the Democratic Party has a “standard-bearer” for leading the party, Pelosi responded by saying that the democrats have various leaders in Congress, as well as the governors around the country.

The Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez, is technically a leader, however Nancy Pelosi doesn’t think enough of him to even mention his name.

Anderson Cooper pressed Pelosi about the “tremendous losses” Democrats have suffered in Congress. She replied with a vague answer of, “We have a plan to address that.”

Considering how many Democrats have no idea who their leader is, Pelosi’s answers in Anderson Cooper’s interview will not ease their concerns.