The #1 Violator Of Women’s Rights In The World, Per The U.N., Is…

In many countries, NOT including Israel, women must remained covered at all times, whether they want to or not.

When thinking of the world’s nations with a terrible record of women’s rights, it is a long list. The candidates for the absolute worst in the world would likely include such countries as Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Sudan.

Sadly, it is not uncommon for women in many countries (not including Israel, of course) to be stoned to death.

Well, the United Nations had a different winner for the ‘Worst Treatment Of Women In The World Award.’ Israel.

As if there were any doubts, the U.N. has now completely exposed itself for the anti-Israel body it truly is. With the exception of Israel and the United States, 45 U.N.-member nations signed on to the resolution naming Israel as the world’s worst violator of women’s rights.

Do women receive beatings or stonings for transgressions in Israel? No.

Can women go out in public without being covered head to toe, and without being accompanied by male relatives in Israel? Yes.

This woman from Israel looks pretty happy.

Are females in Israel allowed to receive an education, work, or drive a care? Yes.

These things happen in many Muslim majority nations on a daily basis. Being a female in many Muslim nations can be a truly awful experience.

But no. According to the disgraceful United Nations, Israel stands above all others as the absolute worst violator of women’s rights. In the world!